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Back to Basics in a New Year

Waiting for Spring

A lot of people make resolutions this time of year. Some people might want to get in shape, some to be Eco Friendly, among other things. How about combining some of these objectives together? I am a Certified Green Realtor {means I have the knowledge to help you be more Eco Friendly (energy efficient or find a home that is} who makes little changes in her own life to be more efficient when the chance is given. No body can do it all at once and keep it going. Pick a couple items and work on those until it’s habit, then chose a couple more items.


We recently moved into our new home which has a yard. We have opted for the good old yard tools that are powered by human rather than electricity or gas. Yes, the good old reel lawn mower, edger, and rake! Now, not only will we get our yard looking good (without damaging our sprinkler heads) but a great full body work out to boot. Talk about killing two birds with one stone or multitasking. The time I would spend in a gym is now spent on my yard. I save money and time. I can’t wait to see what kind of results we get!


What can you come up with to combine things you want to accomplish? Please share it in the comments below! I love to read about what others can think up.