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Is Your Real Estate App Accurate?

The short answer is likely NO! Unless, you have an app directly from a REALTOR your app does not have current information.

All third party (not through a REALTOR) apps and website searches do not update the information often enough. Some only receive new listings and never update the listing once it’s sold. This leads to a lot of frustration to the consumer and agents alike. Now, there will be even more lag with some Real Estate Associations deciding to wait 48hrs before the Association releases the data to third party sites. Please seTrulia iPhone Home Search Listingse this Inman News article for further information on that: This scenario is not necessarily a bad thing.

There is no way for the third party sites to be regulated; we can’t force them to keep their information current. It is always best to go to a professional when you are even considering buying or selling property. A professional REALTOR will have a ton of insight and information you may not even think of. If you want to be able to make a fully informed decision, you go to a professional. You wouldn’t go to your grocer for an illness you have, you go to a Dr. or some sort of Health Practitioner. I actually had a listing in Orange, CA last year and found that a third party site still had the listing under another REALTOR. That listing had expired over a year earlier! How frustrating it must have been for all those buyers still interested in a home that hadn’t been available for over a year but, still being marketed. Please don’t misunderstand here. REALTORS have no way of knowing or keeping track of all the websites and apps that are syndicating their listings. Though, I wonder why that REALTOR didn’t figure out why people were still calling. Hmmm

My point; you are better off going straight to the professionals. You are more than welcome to use this site as it has a direct link to our database (MLS) and updates several times a day whether it’s a new listing, price changes, or properties selling. This site is also mobile ready so; you can take it where ever you go. It even has a locator to find your current location and show you properties that surround you. I am not a REALTOR who pressures people. I just like to help inform clients so they can make whatever decision is best for them.  A great way to find a great REALTOR is to ask someone you know that has recently bought or sold their home. Did they have a good experience? You can never beat word of mouth. Of course, there’s always Yelp!

photo by: truliavisuals