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Sign Petition to Save Beach Fire Rings in Huntington Beach

100_3847Source:  Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitor’s Bureau – March 25, 2013  Contact: Madison Fisher, Director of Marketing & Communications 714-969-3492, x208 ;

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has proposed amendments to Rule 444, which would ban open burning in beach areas – resulting in the removal of our beach bonfire rings, as well as the beach bonfire rings in neighboring Southern California cities.
The fire rings have been an important part of our beach experience for over 60 years. They provide an affordable means of gathering family and friends on Southern California shores to celebrate our outdoor beach lifestyle while enjoying the glow of a warm fire.
In additional to this, the State of California and local beach cities earn a substantial income from those who enjoy these bonfire rings.  The loss of the fire rings would result in the loss of $1 million annually in direct parking income for the City of Huntington Beach. The California State Parks of Orange County receive more than 11.9 million visitors annually, resulting in $19 million dollars in revenue, and a survey by the State Parks revealed they stand to lose 50% of their camping revenue, should they lose their fire rings.
The MVB has set up a Facebook page for the cause at, but more importantly, we would like to ask you to sign the petition letting the AQMD know that you want to keep the fire rings on our beaches.
To sign the petition, visit
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