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SoCal Steps to Prep for El Nino

Here in Southern California, we aren’t use to a lot of rain. So, we may not think of some of the routine maintenance needed torain in the city prepare for what should be a downpour.

  1. Very first priority is your roof! Is it in good shape? If not, have a licensed roofer come inspect it and give a quote. I use John Popa with Western Roofing (he and my husband go way back and they do an amazing job for a great price) 714-299-4987. Best suggestion is to have three roofing companies come out and choose who you like. If a fix is not in the budget, weigh down a tarp overlapping the damaged area.
  2. Rain gutters. Make sure your rain gutters are in good shape and all the debris is cleared away.
  3. Make sure all your yard drains are clear from debris. Your landscaper can usually help with this chore. Sometimes roots can clog these drains and really cause a problem.
  4. Make sure your landscaping is sloped away from your home or building.
  5. Use sandbags to shore up any low areas that are a potential for water to seep in.

Anything you can do to keep the water flowing away from your home or building is the highest priority. Depending on how prepared you want to be, candles and flashlights are nice to have on hand or, you could also opt to buy a generator. This can be imperative if you can’t be without electricity for more than a couple of hours. Please keep in mind, any solar devices may be operating at a minimum with dense cloud cover.


I hope this is helpful to get you started in your preparation. Depending on where you live, there could be quite a bit more to this list. As always, if we can help you with anything Real Estate related, we are just a text or phone call away! 714-398-6913

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