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Spring Home Maintenance

Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but what about your spring home maintenance? You can save yourself a lot of money, make your home more efficient and keep your equity growing by looking at these ten home maintenance items for spring.

1. Once of the first things you will want to do is clean out your air-conditioning unit! You don’t want to turn that on and blow dust through your home and clog up the filter. Clean the unit and the filter so your air conditioner will run more efficiently and keep your ducts and air clean.

2.  Now is a great time to prune any trees and shrubs in your yard. It will help them grow and keep them happy and looking good. Not to mention, keeping down the pest population and keeping branches away from roofs, rain gutters and fascia boards.

3. With all those clipping you have from pruning, why not make mulch! Mulch is great for the garden. Helps keep the moisture in and feeds nutrients to your plants.

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4. Now is a good time to replace any burnt out light bulbs with the new LED bulbs. They last a lot longer, are way more efficient and really give off no heat.

5.  After washing your walls you may have found that your home needs some paint touch up, or maybe you prefer a new color. With the warm weather, paint will dry quickly and you’ll  have a fresh new look.

6. There’s never a better time to replacing that old heater with a new more efficient one. Replacing it before you need it makes good sense.

7. If you have any plans on remodeling while the weather is nice, think about adding more insulation. It will keep you cool in the summer and warm again in the winter.

8. Replacing any appliances now could be good timing. Most cities or counties have rebates or incentives to by Energy Star appliances during this time of year.

9. If your home seemed a little drafty last winter, look into your windows. Check the calking and weather striping around your window frames and doors. They may need replacing. Or you might upgrade to dual pain vinyl windows if you don’t already have them.

10. How’s that roof? If it’s getting old or is starting to leak, now’s the time to repair or replace it. Don’t forget about those rain gutters. How are they holding up? 


You may not need to tackle all of these proje

cts, but keeping on top of the maintenance sure helps staving off costly r

epairs later and keeps your home worth the most it can be.