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Foreclosure Prevention Efforts Continue


With generous support from NAR’s (National Association of Realtors) foreclosure prevention grant ( program, C.A.R. (California Association of Realtors) has teamed up with local Associations of REALTORS® and various nonprofit housing counseling agencies to conduct  foreclosure prevention events around California.  Homeowners who are at high risk of foreclosure may attend these free events where they will have access to loan counselors and representatives from some of the major lending institutions.  Counselors and lenders will work with them privately, one-on-one, to initiate a process of modifying their loans so that they can keep their homes.

Several events have been held in such locales as Whittier, Chula Vista, Inglewood and San Jose.  C.A.R. provided financial and logistical support and local REALTOR® Associations have provided volunteers.  Hundreds of homeowners have been assisted at these events.  At a recent event in Baldwin Park, for example, nearly 200 homeowners (500 people) were assisted.   See the links below for info on upcoming events as well as highlights, pictures, and recaps of past events, and be sure to watch this video from the Baldwin Park fair.

Planning for more events is underway in such locales as San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Contra Costa County, Stockton/Modesto and other areas.  To find out more, please contact Rick Laezman at or (213) 739-8273.

Upcoming Events
–Long Beach, August 7, 2010

Past Events

San Bernardino, May 14 & 15 Pdf

Los Angeles, May 8

Baldwin Park, March 6  

–Orange County, Jan/Feb

Inglewood, October 24 Power Point

Whittier, September 26 Power Point