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I’m happy to become a part of the WordPress world! My intention for this blog is to inform people of Real Estate issues and how to green up their existing home! I think I will start by answering a question I get a lot.  What is a Green Certified Realtor? With a Green Certification I will help you make informed decisions on how to make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. I can go over simple, cost-effective ways to accomplish keeping your utility bill down to a more rigorous process of getting your HERS (Home Energy Rating System)! Some of these upgrades can even be part of the FHA 203k loan when purchasing a REO (bank owned) property. 

Just to get you started here are a few easy tips; 


Powder Room: Of course you have heard of the low flow shower heads and faucets but, it is also good to cut your howers to 5 minutes when possible and only make it as hot as you need to in order to feel clean. You don’t always need a sauna.  Try to keep your baths down to a minimum and when you must take one, please use eco-friendly bubbles and salts. We all love bubbles and fragrance but, if you choose the ones that are natural not only can they be more beneficial to your health (as long as you are not allergic), but the environment as well. Dual flushing toilets are better than low flow. Not only do they save more water, but you never have to flush twice to get the job done.Kitchen: Energy Star dish washers are more efficient than hand washing. They do work better if  you run the tap until it is hot before starting the cycle. Make sure to scrape all the food into the trash first. Try not to use the disposal any more than necessary. Don’t waste the water you ran. You can always use that water for hand wash only items or for the plants or pets. 

Laundry: Energy Star washers and dryers are wonderful. Not only do they save on the bills but in time as well. 

Yard: If you plant your landscape in a way that you have watering zones, it will be much more efficient and still give you tons of variety. Water the plants as much as they need but do it in the early morning when there is still dew. This will make sure that the water has a chance to really saturate the soil and feed the plants before evaporation starts. Consider using as many drought tolerant plants that you can. There are beautiful species not all cacti. If you really want grass, use a variety that is thick and doesn’t grow to high. This will cut down on the water and how often you must mow.


Compact Florescent Bulbs

Energy Star Appliances

Digital Thermostats set at a comfortable temperature (make sure to change the filter every 6 months) Insulations  

Tank less Water Heater (as long as you do NOT have hard water)       


To keep your air quality good inside your home, use green cleaners. Vinegar and baking soda can do most of the jobs for pennies! Open your windows when the temperature is nice outside.  

Health  C.A.R. Green Tip: It’s flu season
It’s flu season and you know you’re supposed to wash your hands, but don’t neglect your feet and your home’s indoor air quality. The germs on your shoes find their way into your home and carpets.  According to one study, 27 percent of the bacteria in the home are the E. Coli virus. For a healthy home, leave your shoes at the door.    

Green greetings
This holiday season, try online greeting cards or opt for recycled paper and cards that get second lives in the garden. Some cards are infused with seeds, which recipients can plant.  Visit to learn more about these and other eco-friendly greeting cards.  

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