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Native Plants: Saving you $$ while increasing your equity!

Southern California is mostly dessert. You wouldn’t know it by looking at most home landscaping. With increasing water issues for California it makes more sense to go back to native plants. Did you know, not only will native plants save you money on your landscaping (drought tolerant and just about maintenance free); done right, it will increase your equity? It’s true! Great curb appeal (as Realtors like to call it) makes your home look more inviting and well maintained. Also, it can make your home stand out because it won’t look like all the other homes on your street. It does have to be done right though. You can’t just plant a few cacti and consider the job done. It needs to have dimension and flow in the landscaping design. It has to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Here are two great examples:

nplandscape 1 nplandscape 2