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Travellers' Decorated Caravan
photo: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
In a sellers market, homes – especially the ones that are well 
priced – disappear just as quickly as they appear on the
MLS. As markets heat up across the country, buyers should
know that the first to the table doesn’t always come out the
winner. Here are a few tips to make sure your offer gets
Keep it Simple: Sellers today want the sale to be void of too
many complicated contingencies. Of course, that doesn’t
mean you should give up on things that are important to you
as a buyer. Rather, make sure your offer is reasonable and
doesn’t put too much weight on small issues that would
distract the seller from what is otherwise a reasonable offer.
Go High on the Down Payment: Before you make an offer,
contact a local mortgage broker – preferably one who has
worked with your agent before – to get pre-approved for a
loan. Once you know how much financing you’ve secured,
you’ll be able to estimate how much you can put down on a
home. And the larger the down payment, the stronger the
Be a Know It All: In the best way possible. Typically, listings
have a disclosure package which details listing price,
inspection reports, seller disclosures and other items that
can influence the offer. Have your agent review the
disclosure package so that together, you can develop an
offer that meets both yours and the seller’s needs.
Come in with Cash: Not everyone will be able to purchase a
house with cash alone. But if you can, you should. Sellers
prefer cash offers because they take the risk out of the home
not appraising or the loan falling through.
Write a Love Letter: Writing a personal letter to the seller is a
new trend that has emerged over the years. And it’s proving
effective. Explain what attracts you to the home, what you
love about the neighborhood and how you hope to make
their home your new humble abode. It’s an especially helpful
tactic if you can find commonalities between you and seller.